Day Dreaming Derpy Applebloom Update - Demo v0.3

Here we are again. Another update for the beautiful RPG Adventure, Day Dreaming Derpy has just been released. This time around we have reached version 0.3 with the Applebloom update.
It has been just about three months since the last update, the Sweetie Belle update, already extending this gorgeous demo with new characters, dreams, town areas, etc. A lot of water has run under the bridge and this new version is with even more content, stores, costumes, dreams, areas and so on, as well as providing a few bug fixes, like balancing the beatbox skill I recall being terribly overpowered. All the details are provided in the changelog provided below, as well as downloadables.
We could gush about this game for a long time. However what can be said, has already been said in our previous articles on the game. All with the care of not revealing spoilers, leaving you ripe as a player to experience it for yourself.


v0.3 Additions

  • Applebloom follower + uniform
  • Diamond Tiara follower
  • Battle Skill Animations (WIP)
  • New Overworld Area
  • Diamond Tiara dream
  • Big Mac dream
  • New market area
  • Construction Worker Uniform
  • Wonderbolt Temp Uniform
  • 2 new shops
  • More stamps added to stamp store

v0.3 Fixes

  • Beatbox skill damage formula changed and level learnt
  • Curtain Call skill fixed, now functional
  • Octavia's stats altered to reflect moveset

v0.31 Fixes

  • Using “Wake Up” with Dinky in Applebloom area, Applebloom follows into real world fixed. Thanks


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