Friday Game Night, February 3rd - Planetside 2 + Announcement

Tonight, on a slightly-more-special-than-usual episode of CinemaQuestria: Friday Game Night™...
On the docket this week, we have the always-interesting massively multiplayer online FPS Planetside 2! Unfortunately, this is going to be the only thing on the docket officially for quite a while, as they have asked us to announce that the Game Night and AnimeQuestria streams are going on hiatus until March 24th, as Everlasting_Joy wishes to focus on his studies for the time being. They also note that they will not being collecting votes for games until the streams officially resume on the 24th, though other staff members may host their own unofficial game nights during this time.
That about wraps things up for the moment, so please check out the details below as per usual and join in on the fun!

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