Ponykart, its future, and you

The long thought dead project, Ponykart, is, thankfully, not actually dead, as previously thought. It has come to our attention that a new team has formed to continue the massive undertaking of developing a 3D kart-racing game featuring our favourite horses of friendship. It is not currently clear (at least to us) how much progress has been made, but it seems the team is really motivated in doing it, even if it's a path full of obstacles.
As of now, the team is having some public relations issues, as the official Ponykart forum had a severe failure, leading to the loss of the past years messages and whatnot. The team is not in a state to release anything "visible", like a video or some screenshots, which only adds to the feeling of negligence.
Despite all this, the game is still being developed, and the developers deserve to be acknowledged for their efforts. You can also read more about the situation directly from one of the team members as he/she posted in a thread over at the MyLittleGameDev forum.
- Vanni

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