Demo: Equestria Adventure

 For various reasons, pegasi in most fangames seem entirely unable to fly. Why is this? It would entirely ruin a platforming game if they could do so, obviously, but no satisfactory in-universe explanation has been produced yet. Equestria Adventure's Ponychan thread makes efforts to solve this conundrum by saying that it takes place in an alternate universe where pegasi cannot fly, but if that were the case then why would they even bother growing wings in the first place? Maybe pegasi are the new penguins or something, I dunno. At least she can still, you know, go fast and all of that stuff, which makes this demo somewhat worthwhile while it lasts.

Speaking of penguins...
Rainbow Dash the penguin
At least penguins can use their wings for swimming, which I doubt Rainbow Dash would be very good at.

- Tuxxy

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