Magic Duel Episode Minigame Compilation Post

Sweet mother of Celestia, that was quite an episode last weekend. In just a few days, it's spawned loads of fan content - including games, of course. Astounded? Don't thank me, thank sparklepeep, FearlessPie, and SylrePony! More after the break.

Working on a rock farm? Sounds like a great central mechanic for a game. Relive Trixie Lulamoon's time in poverty, and earn a million bits to purchase the alicorn amulet and defeat that no-good Twilight Sparkle. Avoid the treacherous wheels! After a few levels of frantic teleporation, this game actually gets fairly hard - prepare to spend a little more time than you expect.

Fluttershy will mess you up if you drop her animal friends. Seriously, don't even think about it. However, this may prove difficult, as they just keep falling from the sky. Master the art of magical animal aerobatics in preparation for a high-pressure exhibition in front of several foreign diplomats! 

Rainbow's Tail

Rainbow Dash has a serious need to collect magical floating orbs, but her balance is off. Way off. Can you master the challenges of one-button flight? This game can be frustrating on your first few tries - miss one sphere, and you're pretty much doomed - but gets much more satisfying when you finally get the knack of keeping Rainbow Dash airborne. An even harder sequel centered around the flight-challenged Scootaloo in commemoration of next week's episode would be pretty cool.
- Arctic Lux

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