Day Dreaming Derpy - Demo Released

Normally I'd lament the fact that we've been beaten to the punch on something like this, but I'm honestly fairly happy to be able to talk about this one at all. Spoiler alert: I'm a little overly excited about this one!

Day Dreaming Derpy, as presented here in early demo-form, is an absolutely wonderful little colorful horse-themed JRPG featuring Derpy Hooves (naturally) having adventures in both the real and dream worlds with plenty of collusion between the two. Costumes, abilities and equippable items earned during the day become usable in the dream world, becoming key in helping Derpy with fighting the nightmares within the ponies' dreams she explores.

Without going into too much detail and spoiling what should really be experienced just on its own merits, we've got a wonderful little demo here filled with plenty of fan-favorite characters, an interesting story, a delightfully quirky sense of humor and some seriously nifty pixel art that all comes together to make for a super comfy and fun colorful horse gaming experience. Really, even if JPRGs aren't your cup of tea, I believe there's still something to be appreciated about a fangame that's this well put-together, especially at such an early stage. Seriously, the only knocks I can really give it are one or two overworld clipping/collision issues and some basic writing quirks; other than that, it's pretty much smooth sailing!

Check out the game's page above for your fill of detailed information, screenshots and dev logs, or you can skip that and jump straight to the download page if you'd prefer. Remember to also pick up and install the RPGMaker VX ACE run time package here to be able to play the game.

NOTE: The original Equestria Daily post reports that you may need to disable your antivirus to make sure things unpack correctly. I did not personally experience this issue, but your mileage may vary.

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