Unofficial Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition Test Build Released

Admittedly we're a day late and a dollar short on getting this one out there, but considering the video for this came out in, like, September apparently, I guess we're not the only ones, haha! Keeping it short, an unofficial build of Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition has recently cropped up which is a little more advanced/polished/developed/your-adjective-of-choice-here than the previous release. From the description given to Equestria Daily (credit for the initial report!) and the video itself, it includes some new graphic work done for the stages and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's sprites. Not to mention a whole new playable character in Trixie! Neat!
Download links for the test build and the netplay client are provided in the caption, so go on and have yourself a few colorful horse fights!

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