MoonLight game looking for team members

That video thumbnail may be confusing, but rest assured the topic of the video is indeed ponies. The team working on a game called MoonLight are looking for new members to help in the making of the game. Below the break I will put the details as to what they're looking for right now.

First of all, what kind of video game is this? Well, the director of the game has defined it as 2.5D action-adventure platformer that will focus on exploration, reflexes and player intelligence. It is being made in the Unity 3D engine.

Now, since the list of things they're looking for is quite large, I'm only going to mention some of them, but you can find the whole list as well as a lot more information about the game Right Here.

The main things they are searching for right now are concept artists and sprite animators.

The team is looking for one or two more writers. They want the story to be engaging to the player, a funny and endearing tale for them to explore.

They're looking for programmers that are efficient and fluent in Unity 3D's various languages, especially those with knowledge of 2.5D platforming and related subjects.

And they're also looking for 3D modelers fluent in designing environments, and some specific creatures.

These are only a few of the things they're looking for. They're also looking for musicians and sound effect creators, as well as even playtesters, so if you think there's something you can contribute to the game and you want to be a part of it, go ahead and contact the creator at

- Strate

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