Mane 6 May Use Skullgirls's Engine

Update: Still have questions? Then visit Mane 6's Official FAQ, where they also have additional character teasers and whatnot.

 As of now Mane 6 is no longer producing My Little Pony fangames, but with Lauren Faust on the team they have a bright future; and if Lab Zero Games's Keep Skullgirls Growing IndieGoGo campaign reaches $750,000 their future will be brighter still. You see, Lab Zero Games has offered Mane 6 their Skullgirls engine for free if we can raise their campaign to $750,000, and this means that the spiritual successor to Fighting is Magic will be in full high-definition, run on consoles and have full Linux support. This would be a huge boost to fighting game enthusiasts everywhere, and even though the game doesn't include ponies I would still highly encourage you to donate to the campaign. I think I might even contribute a bit myself, although unfortunately I can't spare much...

 Will I post much on Mane 6's new game? It's a bit too early to say, but I will follow the development of their game whether it features ponies or not.
- Tuxxy

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