Cloud Dodger

A picture of Rainbow Dash dodging some clouds

At times, a genre becomes so oversaturated that you wonder exactly why people even bother to make them any more. Sure, there is an occasional breath of fresh air (although that's rare), but most of those games just end up being an endless string of cliches, and are best avoided at all costs. Now, the cloud dodging genre isn't quite that bad, but it's getting there, and along comes a game that actually bears that title as its name (with only a slight adjustment to the last bit). It's not quite as blatant as somepony releasing a game called "WWII First Person Shooter", and to be frank, the cloud dodging genre isn't near as oversaturated as that genre, but there are still a huge amount of fangames starring Rainbow Dash as she flies through the air and dodges pesky clouds.

Still don't know what Cloud Dodger is about? Go ahead and read the above paragraph again to get the general idea, and then download the game at
- Tuxxy

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