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Now some of you may remember a video Cereal Velocity posted a while ago called Equestria Daily: The Game, which joked about how much email the Equestria Daily team has to deal with - hundreds of messages a day, if I'm not mistaken. In case you missed the Equestria Daily post about this, it has been made into an actual game, currently being developed by Nitrouspony over on DeviantArt.

This simple side-scrolling platformer is still being worked on - Nitrous is going to add many things to it, including an Android and IOS version. But you can play the current version now at the link above. Find out more after the break!

The gameplay here is extremely simple. You take the role of Cereal Velocity (well, his pony). Your goal is to destroy as many evil gmail messages as possible, and make it to the end. Simple as that. There are 5 levels as of current, and they do get harder and harder as you go along. The controls are fairly standard: WASD with spacebar to shoot, C to switch weapons (you have an assault rifle and a pistol with infinite ammo), and P to pause.

The graphics, as you can see by the game's banner, are 8-bit inspired. The backgrounds, however, are of a higher resolution. The mix between the background and foreground works great, in my opinion. All in all, the art is very nice. Although the physics as of current are a bit wonky, Nitrous plans on fixing them up in later versions, as well as adding a whole bunch of new content (more characters, enemies, weapons, etc). The entire list of planned features is listed on the DeviantArt page. 

Those envelopes sure look threatening.
The piece of this game I enjoyed the most is the music. Seriously, the music really enhances the gameplay as a whole. Volume needs to be up to play this one. Credit to the music goes to Foozogs and Radiarc, used with permission.

Equestria Daily: The Game sure has promise, although it's in a very rough state at the moment. I'd still recommend giving it a play and supporting its creator, though, and I for one would definitely get the IOS version when it comes out.

And as a side-note, I, Enigma9994, am one of the new authors on Equestria Gaming. XTUX345 and I will try and make sure that posts come around a bit more frequently. Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it, and everyone be sure to have a fantastic holiday season!

- Enigma Sage

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