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An official MLP game?  In my Equestria Gaming?  It's more likely than you think.  Yeah, I know there have been games in the past we haven't touched on.  But to never discuss actual, official Friendship is Magic games would be sacrilege.  Sacrilege, I tell you!  As such, it's about time to look at the Hub's new online game, Castle Creator.  It's more or less an online playset, as you pick a location(such as the Grand Galloping Gala and Ponyville) and drag and drop characters into different poses, as well as adding items to the mix.  All of these images are ripped directly from the show, so it feels far more like you're making a scene from an episode than it would if you were playing with toys.  This obviously means it's designed for the show's intended audience, and while it's not something I could see myself investing any time in, it does a commendable job at creating something that its target will enjoy.

While that's all there is to it game-wise, I would be remiss if I didn't bring up Derpy Hooves' now famous inclusion.  Not unlike that drawing Lauren Faust made a while back, the file name for the absent minded Pegasus in the game is Derpy.swf.  Either this means that the developers wanted to put a fun in-joke in for the bronies who would inevitably scour the game's data, or Hasbro has decided to make Derpy Hooves canon.  Whatever the case, this story is definitely one to watch out for, as it could mean that other fan names for background characters might become canon.  Not trying to predict the future or anything, but I could definitely see it happening.
- Sapphire Feather

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