Luna Vs. Fun

                                                      Play it Here!

"Huzzah!  How many points do I receive?"  If you watched the most recent episode of Season 2, then you most likely remember the scene where Luna plays a traditional Nightmare Night spider-throwing game that she mistakenly calls "the fun."  A Brony dream team consisting of Deviantart legend Egophiliac, popular remixer NotACleverPony, and game designer Texel has come together to create a short flash game based on this scene.   You have to download an application called Unityplayer off of the link to play it, but the file is small and painless.   The gameplay is simple: by holding down the mouse, you change how far you throw a spider.  There's not enough to say about this to constitute a review, but I will say it's a fun little diversion.  Also, look close and you may see a cameo or two in the spiders....
- Sapphire Feather

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