Luna Game Second Interview

So, ULTRAMARIOX asked the creator of the Luna Game series a few questions about the series, and got some answers back.
You should head to the Ponychan Thread to read it.
You can scroll past the first interview and read the second if the thread dies.

Here is the first interview of creator of the Luna Game series done by Claire on 7/14

1) Well first of all, congratulations on the newest Luna Game! It's terrifying as expected but it's definitely something new that I think we can safely say it was totally unexpected. Do you have any more plans for future Luna Game instalments or will number 4 be the last?
Thank you very much! I can honestly say it's been very fun making the series, and I really appreciate you liking it.
Yes, I have many plans for the Luna Game in the future, and I can honestly say it's not ending any time soon. I'm simply having too much fun making it to stop now.

2) Back to the beginning -- what gave you the idea for the first Luna game? Or was it just a random experiment?
It was more of a random experiment, I just got the sudden urge to make something creepy, and see how people would react to it.

3) What did you think when the game got so popular? Were you surprised?
Honestly, yes. I was completely surprised when it became popular. When it got posted to EqD, I honestly thought people would just shun it from then on because of what it was. I had no idea people would actually enjoy these.

4) Anypony who plays the Luna Game series can tell that they're very well made games. Apart from the Luna Game series, have you made any games before or was Luna Game your first attempt?
I've been making games for many years now, I have tons of unfinished projects, and many other things I plan on doing in the future. It's a really fun hobby I have, and I keep learning more and getting better with each game I complete. The Luna Games are some of the first games I've actually managed to fully complete, regardless of how short they are.

5) Do you have any friends who are bronies? If so, do they know who happens to be behind the Luna Game Series?
Oh yes, I have a few Brony friends. I only trust my close close ones with the knowledge that I made it, I even get some of them to test it before release! A few have complained to me about their sleep problems though, so I guess there is a down side.

6) Luna Game 3 is quite similar to an idea that somepony proposed in the Equestria Gaming comments. Was 3 inspired by that comment or was it just a coincidence?
Oh yeah, that idea was a huge inspiration for the third, I changed it up a bit, but it was what I based it on.

7) Any particular reason you chose Luna as the player's character?
Well, It was probably because the sprite sheet I used at first had pretty terrible sprites, all except for the Luna one. I guess another reason was that, believe it or not, Luna is one of my favorite characters. Yes I know I kill her in some pretty horrible ways, but I do it because I love her.

8) Do you ever plan to give the Luna Game series a story?
If you look deep enough into the series, I'm sure you can already find one. ;)

9) Were there any games that you played, fan or mainstream that you were inspired by?
For the Luna Game? Not really, at that point there weren't even many pony games out, and Equestria Gaming didn't exist! So this was one of the ways of fulfilling my inner pony gaming needs

10) Honestly; how boring was this interview? :b
Not boring at all! I've never been interviewed before, so it was actually quite fun!

Here is a second interview by ULTRAMARIOX on 8/16:

Q: On the ending of Luna Game 0, when it says "Its not over yet" Does it mean that there will be a Luna Game 5? or a Luna Game 0.5? As then ending of Luna Game 4 says "Your fate is sealed."
A: Luna Game 0 was designed to be a Prequel to the Luna Game series, so when it says "It's not over yet", It is simply referring to the other Luna Games taking place after 0 (Luna Game 1, 2, 3, and 4). The "Your Fate has already been sealed" message comes up only when you attempt to play the Luna Game 4 again. It only means that your fate has been sealed in that game, thus you cannot replay it.

Q: How much development goes between the Luna Games? Such as the time it took for Luna Game 0 took about the same length as Luna Game 2 or 3 did, so will there be the same expected time for the next Luna Game?
A: For the more recent games, a lot more time has been put into developing some kind of story and chain of events. A single Luna Game usually takes around a month to complete, though it can take more when more content is added.

Q: Are you planning on making only creepypastas? In the time it took for Luna Game 3 and 4 to complete, you could have seemingly already made a full My Little Pony game, which has not yet happened, aside from the creepypasta games and a few decent others. So is there any chance for a full game? or just creepypasta games?
A: As of now, I do not plan on creating anything else other than creepypastas. I really enjoy making these Luna Games, and if I ever make another game, it will likely be very similar in concept. Though, the possibility for a 'full game' as a part of the Luna Game series is possible. I'm not confirming it to be, but I will say that a lot of things are possible.

Q: The plot is Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon on her quest, killed Pinkie Pie, Had nightmares and visions, killed herself, and escaped the darkness in hell. IS that correct?
A: Well, if you want to view that as the story, I'm not stopping you.
I'm leaving the story open to interpretation.
- Strawberry Spice

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