[Sticky] Want to Write About Horse Games? Help Wanted!

UPDATE 7/19/17: We're working on bringing some folks aboard right now, but please feel free to send in your application anyway if you're still interested in helping the site! Even if we wouldn't be able to bring on other folks at the time, we'll still keep your application on-hand for the future!
So, here's a fun little question for you: be honest, are you tired of us always being just a little bit (or even sometimes a lot, we won't lie) behind on, y'know, actually posting horse fangame news and junk? We'll level with you, dudes and dudettes; we are too, but for sites like Equestria Gaming, these kinds of problems tend to be par for the course when it's by-and-large run by just two people with vastly different schedules in vastly different timezones. We're painfully aware that sometimes we miss things, and even though most of the time we catch and post them later, there are far, far too many times something falls through the cracks entirely for one reason or another.
If the title hadn't already given it away, I'm sure you'd have guessed where I'm going with this by now, haha! Keeping this already lenghty introduction short (in favor of waxing as poetic as I need to below, of course), we need your help! If you're interested in joining the team and helping out, we've got all the information you need below! Thanks in advance, we love you!
So, in looking to expand our team and trying to keep things running smoothly and accurately, we're primarily looking for three key types of people: writers, which is ultimately pretty self-explanatory, though we're looking for some specifics; sources, who keep a lookout for and give the writing staff a heads-up on any and all pony fangame news from Equestria Daily on down to dev teams themselves; and what we're not going to mince words about and just outright call a Certified Shitposter™ to actually, y'know, give us a social media presence.
To expand on this, here's what we're looking for specifically in each of the three and what information we're looking for from potential applicants.


Again, this one is pretty self-explanatory, but we're looking for another person(s) to help us write about dope colorful horse fangames. Much like what the both of us already do, you'll usually end up having to stumble across horse game news yourself (unless we get some sources, that is!) We'll be asking after any experience writing for blogs, a sample of your work, whether or not your schedule will permit a small commitment to the website, and an optional field where you can tell us why you'd like to help us out (as sort of a check for dedicated applicants.)


As I said above, we're just two people for the most part behind the scenes, which means we can end up missing things. Especially since we only cover two vastly different timezones; myself covering Eastern Standard Time, and Lex covering Central European Time. We'll be asking whether or not you compliment these timezones with your own, or if you can fill the gaps if you fall into one of the two (as I work weekends, for example, so I miss even more junk than I should.)

The Certified Shitposter™

Essentially, we desperately need someone to run our terrible, dead Twitter account. Social media interaction is pretty important, and unfortunately, we're...uh, pretty bad at it. In the application below, we're going to specifically ask to have a peek at your Twitter account, since it's a pretty important prerequisite for this one, and if you have any experience running an account for a group or website.
So, that all said, if any of this sounds like something you'd be interested in doing, fill out the appropriate part of the application below! Again, thanks so much in advance if you decide to apply! Or even if you don't, in fact; thanks to everybody that reads Equestria Gaming! You're why we do what we do. <3 div="">

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